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A website’s domain SEO authority is a quantitative and qualitative measure of some critical elements that influence its overall visibility, strength, and ranking on Google and other search engines. That said, there are a number of “authorities” that affect the overall strength of a web domain—which are critical focal points for SEO experts. Different qualitative measures of authority include:

Page Rank/ Page SEO Authority (PA)

This is an algorithm engineered by Google’s Larry Page in 1996 to tell how important a specific page is in relation to other pages on a target website. Page Rank is one of the many ranking factors that use the quality, number, and relevance of links (both external and internal) pointing to it.

Domain SEO Authority (DA)

DA and PA work in a similar fashion. Domain Authority is an algorithm or a metric that indicates the strength of a site’s backlink profile based on a score range of 1 to 100. We also have Domain Ranking (DR), which predicts how well a target site will rank on Google or other search engines like Bing. Note that a DR of 100 (DR100) is the strongest.

DR is a very useful metric tool as SEO experts use it to assess the value or popularity of different links on a target site. DR also helps in analyzing the ability of a website to be visible on search engines.

URL Rating (UR)

While domain rating (DR) is based on the quality, number, and relevance of different domains linked to a website, URL Ratings (UR) uses the quality and quantity of the domains from different web pages linked to that website.

As a rule of thumb, backlinks from high-DR websites bring more value and organic traffic than those from low-DR websites. This is primarily because high-DR pages have “high link popularity.” However, it’s worth pointing out that although both DR and UR are based on backlink profiles, they are calculated using different algorithms.

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Effect On Ranking

As mentioned earlier, a website’s domain authority is an indicator of how well it ranks—a website ranks higher as the value moves from 0 to 100. Contrary to popular opinion, domain authority is not based on a single factor. This algorithm takes into account over 40 different ranking signals that, among other factors, are based on the age of a domain, data, relevance, size, quality, and trusted scores to provide a value on a 100-point metric scale.

That said, domain SEO authority is a super important factor when it comes to a site’s visibility. Most SEO experts agree that having a higher DA correlates to ranking better in the search engine result pages (SERPs). This means that improving the domain authority results in an upward trajectory of a site’s organic traffic.

Google focuses on providing the best customer experience possible. As such, it usually directs online visitors to the most trusted and competitive sites. Since the algorithm used to develop a good domain authority is designed to employ the same factors that Google’s algorithm uses to identify relevant and trustworthy websites, having a higher DA score directly relates to having a higher ranking and visibility.

How Building Site Authority Helps your Business

Improving your site’s domain authority is the perfect SEO solution to rank high on SERPs. A site with a high DA will do better than competitor sites. For example, if your site is up the scale to a level of appearing on the first page of the search engines, online visitors looking for your products or services will find your site first. As your organic traffic increases, your chance of having more clicks and conversions increases exponentially. Using the same logic, an extra boost to your domain authority will not only keep your visitors coming, but it will also generate new organic traffic. This way, you will always be ahead of your competitors.

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