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What is Local SEO?

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In simple terms for all SEO specialist, local SEO or local business optimization is a marketing strategy to enhance business visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs) based on your location, recieving “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” traffic. Local search engine marketing is the same as the standard SEO. The only distinction is that you want to attract more lead prospects from your specific area.

Research-based evidence backs the need for businesses to revamp their local SEO efforts; It is the best way to market your business online. A report posted on Forbes indicated that 95% of individuals conduct a ‘near me’ business search when shopping online. Sixty percent of them end up purchasing the product online, while 59% visit the store. Besides, a study by Search Engine Watch showed that 70% of online shoppers end up calling a business for inquiries or order placement using the contact information provided by Google.

That said, local SEO provides an excellent avenue to bolster your online marketing pursuits. Not only do you attract potential consumers from your locality, but you will keep on recording increased traffic volume both online and in your physical retail store.

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My Top 3 Strategies to Bolster Your Local SEO​ Rankings

Perhaps you have just discovered the potential of local SEO to boost your business or haven’t been getting the most out of your local search-engine marketing pursuits; here are the three most effective means of mastering your local online marketing.

Leverage Google My Business (GMB)

To successfully run an online business, visibility is key. If you enjoy that visibility on a bigwig SERP like Google, how can you maximize that to market your brand?

That is where Google My Business (GMB) comes in. You will start getting better visibility online by appearing among the top Google listings. Listings on Google are the links that appear on the first result page when your local target clients search your products and services. When used strategically, GMB can be a useful tool to attract local consumers, resulting in a better ranking on Google's first page.

Everything about business seems to run online. Google ranks among the leading search engines, and if it is giving you the chance to rank in its listings through GMB, why not take it. You will increase your online traffic, which means more prospects without much effort.

Local SEO Proximity Signals

In September 2016, Google released the Possum algorithm-ranking updates. At that time, the search engine platform emphasized that the most important local SEO ranking signal was user location. After the update, Google My Business listings for businesses that were closest to the user improved.

In November 2019, Google reiterated that by introducing the map proximity update, further bolstering the local SEO pursuits for enterprises near their target consumers searching for their products and services.

Remember when you used to search for a service or product, and you would end your query with 'near me.' Well, that's no longer the case because Google assumes that you are looking for local services. Using proximity signals, your business will appear on the Google map on top of the screen. That makes it easy for your target consumers to find your business's exact location.

Improved Local Reviews

Most business owners shrug a shoulder to consumer reviews, but they are an integral part of any online marketing strategy. A business with a website that features positive consumer testimonials builds credibility and trust among prospective consumers. Therefore, you need to have robust plans to get more positive Google reviews from local consumers and local directories. Some of the top review signals that you need to concentrate on include:

  • Quantity – The number of online reviews your business gets.
  • Diversity – Different types of web businesses speaking and sharing your business
  • Velocity – The frequency with which consumers review your business
Local SEO is perhaps the first thing that businesses should consider. I think with local search marketing, everything will automatically fall in place when you think about your general search engine optimization. Put the tips mentioned above into practice and see your business grow beyond imaginable limits.

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