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What's inside?

I have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours buying courses online (Good and Bad ones) and learning SEO & digital marketing, squeezing all the golden juice into one checklist for you so you don’t have to spend time and money yourself.

Link Building Resource

600 branded backlink list and 900 link prospects DONE FOR YOU PLUS+ Out Reach Templates to get you 85% higher response rate!

ROI Calculator

ROI calculator for SEO and Facebook ads so that you can plan for fortune not spend a fortune.

SEO Checklist

Most Comprehensive checklist EVER to get a firm SEO base and get ranking on Google without even backlink building!

Time before i change my mind



Works in any language as long as you know how to research and target keywords, which I will teach them in the paid version.

whether Paid or Free, I will email an updated version directly to you whenever there is an update. 

Yes! I will give free tips and tutorial on how to use the checklist and show you results I have done. Please follow my channel HERE to get the latest videos. 

No Problem! Highly recommend to join our SEO Club community! We have experts around digital marketing and SEO to help you, I will surely answer to any questions you have when you posts in the groups.


Well…its free so you don’t lose anything, but you can definitely be specific and let me know which part made you unhappy and I will surely look into it and try to change it.

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