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The objective of an SEO Specialist is simple: 
dominate Google.


Step 1 | Keyword Research

We will have a call that will help us determine what products and services you offer on a deeper level than we understand right now.
We’ll then go away and produce an action list.

We’ll break this down into months. This plan will be structured to get you results as fast as humanly possible.

Timescales: Week 1


Step 2 | Instant results

If your site has been online for years already which is great.
You’ll already be naturally ranking for a few keywords here and there. If its a new site, I have my ways to build you authority quick and get you out of Google Sandbox asap. 

Our job initially will be to do a bunch of “quick fixes” to get you just ranked for something so you can start to see some results coming in.

It’s not instant, but it’s this unique method is the closest you can get to it in the SEO game.

Timescales: Weeks 2-4


Step 3 | The Ultimate Plan

The end game is domination; to dominate your space.

Whatever wacky combination your potential customer types in – boom, you’re there.

That is ultimately how you get on that epic level of lead generation is to simply be everywhere. Now, this isn’t easy, cheap or quick but our hope is by showing you what’s possible and giving you that extra boost in leads, that will go a long way to funding the effort to taking over your local industry in Google.

Timescales: Months 2-6

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My VIP Clients Get Full Access To Professional Client Dashboard Project Management Tool!

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Website Design & Development

Infographics Design

Social Media

Blog Writing

Press Releases

Article Writing

My team provide Malaysia Bussiness with individualized off-page and on-page SEO services, SEO auditing, GMB Auditing, fixing technical SEO on-page issues, page speed optimization, content writing service, keyword planning, keyword research, competitor research, other digital marketing services and support. Whether it be eCommerce, local businesses (restaurants, franchise, cleaning company, home repair company, renovation company, real estate agents, car rental, car dealership, plumbing company, etc…), national businesses or international businesses, SEO marketing strategy can help resolve top marketing issues such as:

  • Generating Traffic and Leads with Lead Magnets.
  • Providing measurable ROI for Your Marketing Efforts.
  • Training your own team.
  • Securing enough budget (Stopping What is NOT working).
  • SEO content marketing.

We help businesses find and measure Goals using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, run Facebook ads, and Google ads that control budget with stop losses and delivering budget to ad sets that are working. 

We also develop strategies to rank relevant keywords to a business by: 

  1. Researching (using Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, etc..).
  2. Validating the worthiness of the keyword (amount of backlinks, LSI keywords, content length, main keywords, video content, etc..)
  3. Executing content writing and linkbuilding to bring value to your audiences. 

Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing and Backlink Building are my specialties!

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Expert in Search Engine Optimization Malaysia

My SEO Specialist solutions in Malaysia are seasoned, highly-trained, and also professional. I will be using a project management tool to communicate with you, and you will have a personal dashboard for all your SEO and advertising marketing reports. Be assured that you will undoubtedly receive premium quality and complimentary SEO and SEM service from me.

  • My system shows 100% personalized dashboard with KPI at a glance. Contact for a demo.
  • SEO blueprint checklist that is 100% proven to find your opportunities online.

I help ambitious businesses like yours generate more profits by building awareness, driving relevant web traffic, connecting with customers using automations, and growing sales with actionable reports. I develop a full marketing plan month-by-month for your SEO marketing effort.

  • Clear digital marketing plan, including site architechture, SEO content strategy, backlink building strategy, automation strategy, and more.
  • 100% high quality assets and purely hand build assets for your business.

See My SEO Process!

Below is a standard task timeline of an SEO project. For more details see How It Works page.

1. Keyword Research Document

1. Keyword Research Document

First step is to identify important relevant keyword terms related to your niche and industry, service and product, region, target audience and competitors.
2. Website Audit

2. Website Audit

Tier Audit and Benchmarking analysis is performed to your website through multiple crawl and test, identifying area of improvement.
3. Content Planning

3. Content Planning

Plan and for a 'mother' article and plan for child content pointing towards the 'mother'. While creating keyword-rich topics and keeping in mind your objectives, brand voice and target audience.
4. Content Creation

4. Content Creation

Once I have your consent over these suggested topics, my writers will create keyword-optimized content. Ultilizing trustable links and resources after thorough research.
5. Promote Content

5. Promote Content

Depending on the SEO customization you signed up for, you receive different number of articles, blogs, infographics and videos, press releases and social media posts.
6. Weekly Activity Sheets

6. Weekly Activity Sheets

This is a report that outlines all activities done—guest postings, back-linking acuisition, competitor analysis, business profile citation and listing submissions, and all the strategies used on your website for the week.
7. Weekly Ranking Sheets

7. Weekly Ranking Sheets

This detailed document reports all progress made on your website. Report for performance and rank tracking of your targeted keywords, the organic traffic, conversion, page speed insights, bounce rate, future recommendations, etc.
8. Completion Report

8. Completion Report

We then send in an in-depth, more extensive report of completion outlining the progress of our effort and your website. Plus recommendations for the next cycle.
9. It’s Time to Repeat!

9. It’s Time to Repeat!

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Grow Your Business with proven SEO plan

Proven Strategy

Grow Your Business
with a Proven SEO Strategy

Keyword Research

Research and planning is the most crucial part of your marketing effort. Research on your competitors and find opportunity for your business.

Content Planning

Plan and decide whether an asset is worth going after. Find out the return on investment (ROI) right from the start so you know where your effort is going.

Automation Building

76% of the business in Malaysia does not have a segmented quality customer list. Proven automation strategy will help you build your list from scratch.

PPC Management

Using high converting SKAG (Single Keyword Ads Group) Strategy will give you the most control over your PPC.

Local SEO

Get more organic website traffic, acquire customers, and more visibility online.

National SEO

Take your business to the next level with advance SEO implementation

Content Marketing

Create a comprehensive plan building deep and valuable contents with my UK/US writers.


SEO & Auditing


Keywords Research


Content Marketing


Off-Page Link Building

Authority Building

Strengthen the authority of your website to get better ranking on Google

Link Building

Get more relevant unique domain links for your website and build traffic that matters.

Call Tracking

You can only know where to optimize from accurate measured data.

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